Virtual reality sex
Virtual reality sex

Virtual reality sex

The Virtual Sex Stroker is the most amazing male masturbator that we've virtual reality sex ever seen! It's a cybersex virtual reality sex machine. This USB Cybersex Stroker powered toy allows you to have virtual sex online with Naughty Nurse Nicci. This 3D interactive computer game software lets you interact with the animated babe Nurse Nicci.

The Virtual Sex Stroker and software lets you enjoy cybersex like its never been experienced before, and it's so easy! Your virtual reality sex machine uses Plug and Play technology, making it very user-friendly. Even the most novice computer user will have it up and running in only minutes for exciting cybersex!

The cyber-sex game starts with Nurse Nicci doing a sexy striptease just for you. As her clothes slowly come off, you can tease her delicate vagina and make her hotter and hotter. Once she's fully nude, you get to choose which sex position you want to "take" her. Use your Virtual Sex Stroker cyberskin realistic vagina to thrust in and out of her amazingly hot pussy until all of your wildest sexual fantasies come true.

Thrust in and out of the Virtual Sex Stroker's sensuously soft cyberskin realistic vagina while your online 3D counterpart has sex with Nurse Nicki in any sex position you choose. He'll match your strokes thrust for thrust, so you feel like you're part of the online sex action.

The CD that comes with the Virtual Sex Stroker sex machine allows for 24 different sex positions, so you'll never get bored with your sexy, new lover. She's yours for the taking, and will do whatever you command. Stretchy Cyberskin Vagina is 7 inches long x 2.75 inches wide.

ere comes teledildonics, where your wildest fantasy becomes virtual reality. But will the virtual reality sex desire to jack in and jack off make people blind to everyday problems?

It's an average week night. Behind closed doors in his office, a young executive dons a lightweight spandex suit, straps on a pair of goggles and gloves, and sits back. With the push of a button, Cindy Crawford, or perhaps Naomi Campbell, attends to his every sexual whim.

Welcome to the world of teledildonics, one of the most revolutionary and sophisticated forms of sexual recreation the world has ever seen. A high-tech blend of virtual reality (VR) and real-life caresses, teledildonics promises to be more than the ultimate sexual experience, delivered electronically. It aims to change the world, or at least the way we look at it

Virtual reality sex

* Without the constraints of the physical world, teledildonics allows such extraordinary acts as virtual reality sex play with gender shifting--people experience what it's like to be the opposite sex by experimenting mentally, rather than physically or surgically.

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* Further blurring the already fuzzy line between fantasy and reality, and perhaps creating a new class of schizophrenics, teledildonics also allows users to try on different personalities, perversions, and physical appearances--just for the thrill of it.

* Because virtual reality incorporates seeing, hearing, and touching, we are forced to develop new concepts of reality and of consciousness.

While the virtual antics of Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett in the recent film Strange Days may have seemed like products of the screenwriter's overworked imagination, the unstoppable progress of modern technology is making accessible, easy-to-use virtual reality a, well, reality. VR products are beginning to enter the marketplace, and development of virtual equipment has been stepped up by ambitious entrepreneurs. No longer can skeptics write off VR as wishful thinking, more appropriate fodder for science fiction writers than academics.

The name itself is a contradiction. Virtual means something imagined, ephemeral, while reality is concrete and highly definable. However, current technology is shifting the definitions of these two words, forcing a reevaluation of the human experience.

irtual Reality Sex and Teledildonics

The Internet today consists mainly of words, images and sounds, but what about web technologies that engage the senses of smell, taste and touch? Joyce Slaton reports on cutting-edge technological research and finds the prospects less far-fetched than virtual reality sex one might think. But she also finds online porn entrepreneurs, once in the forefront of exploiting new web technologies, surprisingly uninterested this time around.

San Francisco Gate (Oct 2000)

Virtual reality sex

Richard Jaccoma looks at cutting-edge technological research that may allow virtual reality sex, using a "two-way neural transmitter" to record electronic signals from the nervous system and later replay those signals into the brain. A research team headed by British scientist Kevin Warwick is trying to develop the technology. Warwick states, "There are electrical signals flying around your body at such times. If you play virtual reality sex back the same signals, our best guess is that you'll get something of the original sensations."

The Position (Nov 2000)

Michelle Delio looks at the latest silly Japanese pop culture phenomenon: dating female bots by email through a service called Love By Mail, which is run by the same company that spawned the Tamagotchi. "I dated Yumi for awhile, and I have to confess I became very attached to her. It was hard sometimes to remember that Yumi wasn't real. She would yell at me and ignore me the exact same way as all my other girlfriends have."

Wired News (Feb 2000)

Marisa Kakoulas looks at the technology of teledildonics, a longtime futurist fantasy currently into the vaporware stage.

disinformation (Mar 2000)

Virtual reality sex

Andrea Nemerson looks at the current state of sex technology, the failed futuristic fantasies of cyberdildonics, and the strange faith that technology can solve any sexual problem.

San Francisco Bay Guardian (May 2001)

The US Navy is developing a vest embedded with tactile stimulators in order to help pilots overcome spatial disorientation in flight. But as Wired reports, "It's not only lauded as a savior for pilots, but also as the next big thing in the video game industry and virtual reality sex the latest Internet sex toy." The article quotes one Navy captain: "You could also use it (the vest) to stimulate a person from their nose to their toes over the Internet -- or to stimulate a number of people simultaneously."

Wired (Jun 2001)

Weird sexual futurism from "one of Britain's top futurologists." Ian Pearson, who works for BTexact Technologies (part of British Telecom, the company that claims to have patented the hyperlink), has just published a timeline of 500 predictions for the next thirty years. Among other things, Pearson predicts that the Orgasmatron, the artificial sexual pleasure device dreamed up for Woody Allen's film Sleeper, will become a reality by 2012.

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