Free virtual sex
Free virtual sex

Free virtual sex

Virtual sex is when two or more people gather together via some form of communications equipment to sexually arouse each other by transmitting sexually explicit messages. Virtual sex describes the phenomenon, no matter the communications equipment used. Also called hot chat.

Cybersex is virtual sex over the Internet, including IRC, e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, role-playing games, etc.

Phone sex is virtual sex over the telephone. People also have virtual sex via mobile phone text messages. The advent of cell phones with built-in digital cameras has undoubtedly added new dimensions to these activities.

Increases in Internet connectivity, bandwidth availability, and the proliferation free virtual sex of webcams have also had implications for virtual sex enthusiasts. It's increasingly common for these activities to include the exchange of pictures or motion video. Among the companies that has profited from "sex with webcams" is which allows paying customers to actually watch people have live sex or masturbate and at the same time allow themselves to be watched as well. Recently devices (such as the Sinulator) have been introduced and marketed to allow remote controlled stimulation. Thus the distinctions between real and virtual sex may become increasingly blurred. New online roleplaying game such as are targeting adult audience into extensive 3D sex simulations.

Sociologists have compared virtual sex to being a cyborg, because a natural human activity (having sex) is being mediated by technology. Thus, in some sense, the technology becomes part of the person's identity.

This is a relatively new phenomenon although there are stories of telegraph operators exchanging sexually explicit messages at the fin de siecle (turn of the century).

As with many other aspects of human sexuality this one is controversial, with opponents branding it as a form of pornography and often trying to infer some correlation to pedophilia and/or child pornography. There is not yet any clear consensus about free virtual sex the psychological implications of cybersex. As with other forms of paraphilia cybersex is scrutinized as a possible symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Meanwhile proponents are quick to point out that any activity can be symptomatic of OCD and that cybersex between or among consenting adults is essentially no different than any other form or erotica, pornography or sexual activity.

Free virtual sex

The chief risk of virtual sex is posed by pedophiles attempting to engage children in these activities and, conversely that police may be posing as juveniles in order to catch them. This is a different issue from child pornography, which involves the exploitation of minors in the production of pornographic material, rather than the exposure of children to such materials.

In any event the most significant risk posed by virtual sex is in establishing that all involved parties are consenting adults. In The Sims Online, an online roleplaying game, one scam was to entrap another player into having virtual sex with a minor, free virtual sex and use this for blackmail purposes.

Of course other forms of harassment and exploitation are possible via any communications medium and there are stories of people who have been victimized in scams by succumbing to their emotions. (see links to Safety Guidelines below).

Hello there-- I've very happy to be opening my Amazon blog— I've always wanted to get to know my readers and critics here.

Ask me anything! — About writing, sex, erotica, sexual politics, editing anthologies, or anything we might have a mutual interest in.

I spend most of my free writing time at my own blog, Susie Bright's Journal, but I am free virtual sex frequently over here at Amazon, doing research, getting distracted with bra and cookware shopping, parsing huge thrashes in the movie reviews, and watching my own numbers go up and down.

I've often read reviews of my books here, pro and con, and wanted to reply.

For example, with erotic lit, there is every taste represented here... and more than a bit of controversy. I don't blame people for being unsure what a certain title or cover illustration is supposed to imply. Are you getting a "Penthouse" quickie or Dada-est free verse? Sometimes you don't know until you crack into a few pages.

A common complain is: "This is NOT erotic." But that critique reveals nothing. I always want to ask, "Well, what DOES float your boat? What stays in your erotic memory?"

Free virtual sex

A lot of people ask me how I find stories for The Best American Erotica series. Many times it's friendly strangers sending me a recommendation. If you ever want to send me a suggestion or find out the BAE guidelines, just email me, with "BAE Guidelines" in the subject line.

My last book of my own writing was Mommy's Little Girl: On Sex, Motherhood, Porn, and Cherry Pie , and the funniest part of that book is that the cherry pie recipe has been reprinted in the most conservative newspaper food sections you can imagine. I free virtual sex always wonder if anyone there read the "pornography" or the "sex" parts!

I'm currently working on a novel about my own past as a high school revolutionist...sort of like Patty Hearst without the money.

I also dream of an antidote to books like "The Seasoned Woman"— I was thinking of something along the lines of: "Worn Out Slut." Seriously, there are real issues about sex and age— whether you're a teenager or an elder— that everyone seems to tiptoe around. Enough of the hype and pablum!

I have other book ideas in mind too— and I'm very susceptible to your suggestions. I'd love to make this Amazon diary a place where I can converse with the many prolific and amazing minds here. Please feel free to speak your mind!

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